Friday, August 19th, 2022

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The Met sends two Nepalese artifacts home (

8/19/2022 8:33 am | |
Tags: museum, nepal, artifact

Chicken Soup for the Soul bought Redbox - yes really (

Rouhana’s company has been on a buying spree for a few years now, strategically acquiring video assets that weren’t able to fully flourish under their previous owners.

  • This includes the ad-supported video pioneer Crackle, which Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment acquired from Sony in 2019.
  • Other CSSE brands include Popcornflix, Frightpix and Truli. “Each one of these has got its own sort of voice,” Rouhana said.
  • By adding Redbox to the fold, Rouhana is gaining access not only to 36,000 DVD kiosks, but also a sizeable digital rental business, a FAST service with 145 streaming channels and a customer loyalty program with 40 million members — something he wants to use as a marketing vehicle for the company’s other services, as well as a source of insights.
  • “People do have a life outside of Netflix,” Rouhana told me. By learning about the things people are looking for at DVD kiosks, he hopes to gain better insights to fine-tune personalized recommendations. “We’re very interested in data,” he said.
8/19/2022 8:46 am | |
Tags: movies, business

Frank Zappa nails it in 1986 (

8/19/2022 12:50 pm | |
Tags: us politics, frank zappa

First Native American Woman is slated to go to space - Nicole Aunapu Mann (

Nicole Aunapu Mann was selected by NASA in June 2013. She is currently training for NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 mission, the fifth rotational mission to the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft.

8/19/2022 2:39 pm | |
Tags: nasa, first nations

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