Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

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Had a very eventful day between onboarding a new coworker which kept me incredibly busy at work and then getting to see an old friend and spend the evening with her playing boardgames. Life is good sometimes.

Never underestimate the wonderful truth of catching up and laughing with an old friend.

8/30/2022 12:30 am | | Tags: life, friendship

"Brazil’s ‘man of the hole’ dies, and an Amazonian tribe is no more"

The passing of "the man in the hole" as he was called is very sad. Another independent person, rejecting modernity and striving to live the life they wanted, despite living for 30 years without companions is very sad. As the articles around the internet dive into, he was the last surviving member of his tribe, and he refused any contact with those outside his tribe.

Here is a video which captured him chopping down a tree:


8/30/2022 6:54 am | | Tags: brazil, first nations, rainforest

"A third of Pakistan is underwater from floods"

A third of Pakistan is now underwater amid an unprecedented amount of rainfall since June, Pakistan’s climate change minister, Sherry Rehman, said Monday.

That would mean an area about the size of Colorado is underwater. Pakistan, home to about 220 million, has a land mass of 307,000 square miles.

8/30/2022 7:00 am | | Tags: pakistan, climate change, natural disaster

James Webb Telescope continues to deliver the goods

8/30/2022 7:02 am | | Tags: space, nasa, astronomy

I woke up again thinking about a coding project. Aside from it being a larger project, there is one piece I can't figure out - given a series of headlines, how best do I try and identify headlines which are talking about the same thing?

"Homeless statistics are flawed. Will Seattle’s new way to count help?"

For years, advocates have pushed the government to improve the annual count by broadening the official definition of homelessness and adopting new methods to count unsheltered populations. There are a number of proposals circulating. Until recently they have mostly been theoretical. Then, earlier this year in Seattle, the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) decided to field-test a new method, which combined policy wonks and street organizers to capture populations that had been missed in HUD’s Point-In-Time (PIT) count, a key component of the federal government’s homeless population estimate.

“Given this monumental task, it is likely that communities do not find every single person experiencing homelessness, but we are confident they identify most people, and this consistent counting effort allows an analysis of trends from year to year that help us gauge whether homelessness is rising or falling across the country,” Goodloe said. “The PIT count data is the only data source that collects data on our unsheltered population across the entire country.”

8/30/2022 7:30 am | | Tags: seattle, homelessness

Looks like Garland is preparing for some partisan politics around the DOJ with a memo around "Restrictions on Political Activities"

8/30/2022 11:31 am | | Tags: us politics, department of justice
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