Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

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Dolphins have special blood vessels for transferring blood under pressure while swimming

Fascinating stuff.

Now researchers in Canada have a theory as to how cetaceans—dolphins, whales and porpoises—manage to protect their brain from these swimming-induced blood pressure pulses. As described in a new paper published in Science, it's all thanks to specialized networks of blood vessels known as "retia mirabilia."

Scientists have long known that many animals have retia mirabilia. Greek physician Galen described the structures in the second century C.E. and gave them their name, which translates to "wonderful nets." Indeed, retia mirabilia resemble complex stringy nets made up of thin veins and thick arteries. They can be found in a variety of mammals, birds and fish—but rarely humans.

9/22/2022 8:32 pm | | Tags: science, animals, dolphins

"The Sum of All Knowledge"

A story looking back at a man's father's striving for education out of nothing as a child coal miner, to the age of the Internet and how it shaped the son's life, but then it continues and criticizes the current state of the Internet - equating much of it to a burning library.

9/22/2022 8:42 pm | | Tags: glowbug, internet, knowledge

Apparently runners can be disqualified for reacting too quickly to the starting gun, I had no idea

9/22/2022 8:55 pm | | Tags: athletes, track and field

Andor, Season 1, Episodes 1-3

I love it. All of it.

9/22/2022 11:08 pm | | Tags: star wars, television, streaming
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