Friday, September 23rd, 2022

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NiNi covers Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train

9/23/2022 12:40 pm | | Tags: music, cover

"Linux On The Laptop Works So Damn Well That It’s Boring"

It does indeed! My home daily driver is a laptop that runs Ubuntu currently and I never have an issue. Clive Thompson, the author of the linked post, is one of the few Medium blogs I follow regularly.

Though, interestingly, he uses Microsoft Teams as an example to his point as how well Linux works these days. I recently tried to set up Teams on it and discovered the Linux version only works if you are using Teams with a company-managed account system. So, my email meant that it didn't work for me. The software is there and works but I suspect this is Microsoft lessening the threat of bad actors spamming or utilizing Teams for malicious intent.

9/23/2022 1:39 pm | | Tags: linux, blog

Over the long term, the future is decided by optimists. - Kevin Kelly

9/23/2022 3:14 pm | | Tags: quote, wisdom

Wyoming team makes 4.4 mile rifle shot

It was apparently the 69th shot of the day, but they eventually were able to land the round inside an 8" painted circle from over 4.4 miles away. The bullet's flight took 24 seconds, and as part of it had to account for rotation of the earth under it as it moved.

9/23/2022 3:47 pm | | Tags: record

American Airlines has something weird going on with their flight intercoms apparently

9/23/2022 4:50 pm | | Tags: flying, airlines

In recognition of it being the end of Friday

9/23/2022 4:59 pm | | Tags: mr rogers, television
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