Friday, September 30th, 2022

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Batman as a Silent Film

9/30/2022 7:31 am | | Tags: movie, art

Apparently some people take installment plans when buying designer puppies at 199% interest rates!

Insane. Thankfully the article is about states beginning to go after stores which do this.

9/30/2022 10:19 am | | Tags: economics, consumer protection, scams

With news of Google Stadia's imminent shutdown, a game dev mourns on Reddit

He and the team had spent 4 months working on getting their game successfully ported to Stadia and were just about to finish the process. Just brutal.

[Disclosure: Out of an abundance of caution, I'll disclose I work for another game company, Wizards of the Coast. We are not in any way directly tied to this story, but given that it is in the gaming sphere, I felt it prudent to call this out.]

9/30/2022 12:16 pm | | Tags: gaming, technology

Cubans protest in Havana for the 2nd night since Hurricane Ian knocked out power

Climate Change reaches so deeply into the world with the effects it creates.

9/30/2022 11:52 pm | | Tags: cuba, climate change, hurricane

Tesla is working on a bi-pedal robot and it's due out "soon"

I'll believe it when I see it. As a friend reminded on social media, Elon has been saying full AI driving has been coming "soon" for six years.

9/30/2022 11:53 pm | | Tags: robotics
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