Saturday, October 1st, 2022

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"These Scientists Tried a Coral-Breeding Moonshot—and It Worked" (

10/1/2022 8:54 am | |
Tags: science, conservation, ocean

Duck Chess (

The duck is a brick, pieces cannot move through the square occupied by the duck. However, knights can jump over the duck. Each player's turn has 2 steps: After moving a piece, the duck must be moved to an empty square. There is no check or checkmate. Capture the opponent's king to win.

This is a fascinating new variant for chess. I first saw it on a video by Eric Rosen, an International Master who streams and posts videos to YouTube. By introducing this one new piece, the game is exponentially more complicated. I quite enjoyed watching this video as he first plays it and figures out the ins and outs of the game.

10/1/2022 9:37 am | |
Tags: chess

Seneca Village, the black community in NYC that was destroyed for Central Park (

This tweet thread's first post led me to the linked article as I sought to learn more about Seneca Village.

10/1/2022 11:54 am | |
Tags: black history, new york city

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