Monday, November 14th, 2022

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Endangered butterfly on the San Juans nearly extinct

11/14/2022 3:41 pm | | Tags: butterflies, endangered species, san juan islands, conservation

Jon Stewart talks with Safi Rauf about how America is failing Afghanistan

I listened to the podcast (mostly, not quite finished), but found the episode fantastic and eye opening. I was familiar with the issues for Afghanistan translators and others who worked with us while we ran the country, but some of the numbers discussed are eye opening. We've allowed 123 (I think that's the number they said) Afghani using the application process (which also costs almost $600, which is more than the annual salary for someone in Afghanistan.)

But, when compared to the process done for Cuba, Vietnam, and Iraq, it is laughable how bad it is. But then, comparing it to Ukraine, a current example, where they waived the fee and processed half a million applications in a few months - it's wildly openly racist all because of the fear of one of them being a terrorist.

11/14/2022 6:49 pm | | Tags: us politics, world politics, afghanistan, war, war on terror

Katie Hobbs defeats Kari Lake for AZ Govenor, nearly completing the crash and burning of the supposed "Red Wave"

11/14/2022 7:06 pm | | Tags: us politics, arizona, democrats

"Libraries Are Launching Their Own Local Music Streaming Platforms"

11/14/2022 7:38 pm | | Tags: library, music, streaming

Explaining how touchscreens actually work

In 2nd grade, we had a man come to my class and show off a medical computer which had a touch screen on the monitor. I was a precocious kid who grew up around technology, and I asked if the monitor worked by the heat off our fingertips and the man was very kind as he explained they did it then based off a grid of lasers across the screen.

He finished explaining it though by saying, "But, when you're older, you need to come work for me."

I was sad I never got his name or a card, that sort of encouragement has stuck with me over the decades.

11/14/2022 8:07 pm | | Tags: technology, science

The C Programming Language

This book definitely was nostalgic for me. It was one of the first books I bought when I started Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

11/14/2022 8:20 pm | | Tags: programming, book
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