Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

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Coder at Zulily went full 'Office Space' - Where's Michael Bolton when you need him? ( 🗝️)

He managed to get over $300,000 syphoning off of shipping costs during orders to Zulily, literally inspired by the 1999 Office Space movie.

Castro, 28, is now charged with two counts of felony theft and one count of felony identity theft in King County Superior Court. Prosecutors allege Castro set up three separate computer schemes, ultimately stealing $302,278.52 from Zulily.

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Tags: programming, criminal

Adam Savage looks at a "Perpetual Motion" device (

Adam is so charismatic, I really enjoyed him talking about and theorizing about the machine's workings. I am certain there is a project for himself in the future to create this himself.

1/4/2023 9:55 am | |
Tags: science, video

Speaker election drama not seen in 100 years (

To which I say: So what?

Anyone trying to frame these Speaker elections as anything near a crisis is absurd. This is just inter-party drama playing out in public. Things which normally are concealed behind closed doors are being aired out in public. That's it.

1/4/2023 2:07 pm | |
Tags: congress, us politics

A list of ambitious things done fast (

Some examples of people quickly accomplishing ambitious things together.

My favorites from the list:

The Spirit of St. Louis. In 1927, Donald Hall and Charles Lindbergh designed and built Spirit in 60 days. "To determine the amount of fuel the plane would need, Lindbergh and Hall drove to the San Diego Public Library at 820 E St. Using a globe and a piece of string, Lindbergh estimated the distance from New York to Paris. It came out to 3,600 statute miles, which Hall calculated would require 400 gallons of gas."

It's notable to me because this one seems like you would take so much longer. But the reality is that the Spirit was not overly complex.

The Berlin Airlift. On 24 June 1948, the Soviet Union initiated a blockade of Berlin. Two days later, the Berlin Airlift commenced. Over the following 463 days, the US, the UK, and France flew 277,000 flights with 300 aircraft to deliver the supplies required to support 2.2 million Berlin residents. On average, a supply aircraft landed every 2 minutes for 14 months. As part of this effort, Tegel airport was built. Planning started in July 1948; construction started August 5 1948; the first landing took place November 5 1948 (92 days after construction started); the official opening of the airport took place December 5 1948.

This one's speed isn't as surprising but is impressive. The politics should have taken longer except that the Soviets were so established as "the enemy" and that the logistics were, largely, straightforward once you established the supply chain.

These two are both more in my domains of understanding:

JavaScript. Brendan Eich implemented the first prototype for JavaScript in 10 days, in May 1995. It shipped in beta in September of that year.

Git. Linus Torvalds started working on Git on April 3 2005. It was self-hosting 4 days later. On April 20 2005, 17 days after work commenced, Linux 2.6.12-rc3 was publicly released with Git.

Both are impressive for the inherent complexity and power of the tools.

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Tags: business

Mastodon Favs for January, 4th 2023

This post was automatically generated

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