Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

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New Zealand Prime Minister's Resignation gets outsized coverage

All the coverage of the Prime Minister of New Zealand resigning seems a bit excessive. Not that it doesn't deserve news, but I it feels like we're covering the retiring of Merkel all over again. New Zealand is not exactly a world power. If it were a US state it would be squeezed between South Carolina and Alabama ranked by population, and if we ranked it by GDP, it would be 30th behind Utah. Do you think we'd be covering the stepping down of those governors with as much fervor?

Sure, it would get news largely driven by partisan framings of who to replace, how this affects the two-party power balance, etc. But I wouldn't see a dozen pieces asking "what does this mean?"

1/22/2023 8:35 am | | Tags: world politics, new zealand

The Traitors, Season 1: Rating: 3 out of 5 Murders

Hosted by Alan Cumming, a group of reality stars and "normal" people gathered in a castle in Scotland to play what amounted to a very slow and drawn out game of Werewolf. It is a social deduction game where a group of players are secretly murderers and the rest of the group has to pick them out and eliminate them before they murder the entire group.

There were some interesting twists and turns along the way. By far Alan Cumming's attire played an outsized role as a character in the show.

It provided an excellent show for me to yell at and question peoples' judgment, but as a show goes I wasn't heavily invested and didn't really care who won.

If it returns for a second season, I think I would watch but I also wouldn't care particularly if it didn't return.

1/22/2023 8:45 am | | Tags: television, reality tv, peacock, review

Evolution of birds thrown a major curveball

Archaeology is fascinating because they are a field where an occurrence quantity of one is hugely important, far more impactful than a singular example is in any other field. I am hesitant to jump too far into this with a singular example, but we'll see what comes of this until more is known.

1/22/2023 9:15 am | | Tags: archaeology, birds, dinosaurs

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