Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

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12-bit rainbow palette (

A very nice looking rainbow of colors, something I might pull in to use for various projects of mine where I need an array of clearly distinct colors (like that Color sudoku I was working on over the holidays.)

1/24/2023 8:26 am | |
Tags: colors, color theory

"Device transmits radio waves with almost no power" (

So, this definitely feels like it's fake. Like a perpetual motion device, another scam, or maybe an innocent mistake. If it proves true, this could be a serious game changer. But I remain dubious of its claims.

It is possible to wirelessly transmit information simply by opening and closing a switch that connects a resistor to an antenna. No need to send power to the antenna.

Our system, combined with techniques for harvesting energy from the environment, could lead to all manner of devices that transmit data, including tiny sensors and implanted medical devices, without needing batteries or other power sources.

The article, to its credit, does an excellent job explaining the technology and why it works and why it differs from other things out there.

I still remain skeptical simply because it seems too good to be true.

1/24/2023 8:44 am | |
Tags: science, technology, radio - An excellent source of distraction (

I stumbled across this site for the Wonders of Street View which collects random fascinating and weird things to be found on Google Street View. But when I clicked back to the domain root I was met with dozens of random projects by, presumable, Neal. From a "Days since" which is both soothing and anxiety inducing as it counts days since things like "solar flare" or "volcanic eruption" or "lost nuclear device" (12,346 as of this posting.)

Lots of things to fall into and waste a few minutes... or an hour. Enjoy!

1/24/2023 8:53 am | |
Tags: internet, distraction

Infosec on Mastodon - Increasing Bitwarden PBKDF2 Iterations

One of the communities which Mastodon has opened me up to is the "infosec" community. Security professionals focused on information and digital security. In regard to the issues with LastPass recently, I have been paying close attention. And based on the following discussion, today I logged into Bitwarden and increased the PBKDF2 iterations to 600,000.

Bitwarden notes below they are making 600,000 standard, but I wanted to do proactively also because this sort of change logs you out of Bitwarden, and so I wanted to do it and log back in when I wasn't in the middle of needing to be logged in and thus having to fully jump through hoops for.

1/24/2023 9:06 am | |
Tags: digital security, privacy, personal security

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, Season 10, trailer (

As I saw someone else point out online, the comedy belies some truly excellent investigative reporting.

1/24/2023 12:59 pm | |
Tags: television

"We're using our home appliances wrong. Some energy-saving tips are myths" ( 🗝️)

My main takeaways:

  1. Use LED bulbs
  2. You are wasting water by handwashing and then using the dishwasher
  3. Refrigerators use way less energy than people realize
  4. Front load laundry machines are way better than top loaders
  5. Get rid of space heaters and solve the heating problem in other more efficient ways
  6. Smart thermostats can save lots of energy
1/24/2023 1:26 pm | |
Tags: climate change, go green, electricity, home ownership

Vincent Bal's unique art: Shadowology (

I was introduced to Vincent's work today via a post on Mastodon and have since fallen down a rabbit hole as I explored his Instagram and various other postings of his I've found online, including the above linked article on the excellent art blog/site Colossal.

1/24/2023 6:35 pm | |
Tags: art

Sounder at Heart survived SBNation/Vox's massacre (

Layoffs are never fun. SBNation shut down all but two MLS blogs (as well as the entirety of their NHL blogs) and with a few days perspective, Jeremiah Oshan posts about the future for Sounder at Heart and admits to the survivor's guilt that comes with being one of two MLS blogs which were spared the hatchet.

US soccer coverage is going to look very weird and I hope another enterprising group picks the various blogs up, or at least steps in to continue to provide coverage for the other teams.

1/24/2023 8:20 pm | |
Tags: soccer, blog

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