Saturday, March 11th, 2023

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So, I don't know what it is about 2023, but I'm now fighting a head cold. My third bout of sickness this year, already. I spent much of yesterday sleeping, or trying to sleep after working roughly a half-day.

3/11/2023 8:27 am | | Tags: life, illness

Adding 'On This Day'

I've added a small feature to my automated end of day posts which is to link to other entries on that day in the past. Now that this blog has been active for two and a half years, as well as posts from my online writing archives, it seemed like a good addition. Right now it's just a bare bones link to past day archives, but I may expand it further in the future.

3/11/2023 8:57 am | | Tags: programming, glowbug

Binary Star Sundial

An absolutely fascinating and well executed project to explore the idea of how a sundial would work in a binary star system.

3/11/2023 9:27 am | | Tags: scifi, space, time

Redditor claims Samsung fakes moon photos with camera zoom

TL:DR Samsung is using AI/ML to slap on a texture of the moon on your moon pictures, and while some think that's your camera's capability, it's actually not. And it's not sharpening, it's not adding detail from multiple frames because in this experiment, all the frames contain the same amount of detail. None of the frames have the craters etc. because they're intentionally blurred, yet the camera somehow miraculously knows that they are there. And don't even get me started on the motion interpolation on their "super slow-mo", maybe that's another post in the future.

The full post delves into the methodology. And it feels on par with the reality of modern phone technology which applies machine learning to image processing and just calls out an especially egregious example of it.

3/11/2023 9:49 am | | Tags: android, samsung, phone, smartphone, camera, photography

A good visualization of the size of bank failures since 2000

3/11/2023 9:36 pm | | Tags: finance, banking, bailout

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