Sunday, March 12th, 2023

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"SVB Collapse: Silicon Valley Bank Is Biggest US Bank Failure Since 2008 Crisis" (

Another visual regarding the Silicon Valley Bank closure and the article it comes from is fine. No real insights, just a breakdown on what is happening.

3/12/2023 6:39 am | |
Tags: banking, finance, bailout

The Delorean Alpha (

A beautiful car. But the site loses me when I discover it has NFT and a subscription model built in from the looks of it?

3/12/2023 6:49 am | |
Tags: cars, delorean

"The U.S. says all Silicon Valley Bank depositors will be protected" (

Related to the above link were these posts on Mastodon:

3/12/2023 5:59 pm | |
Tags: bailout, finance, banking

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