Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

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"Inflation in G20 Countries"

The Worst (> 9%)

The Kinda Bad (6-8.9%)

The Middle (4-5.9%)

The Best (1-3.9%)

The Liar

5/24/2023 1:46 pm | | Tags: inflation, world politics, economics

"Tokyo’s trash-collecting samurai takes a fun, zany approach to cleanup"

5/24/2023 7:13 pm | | Tags: tokyo, japan, samurai, fun

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Record: 3-0-5
Net Elo Change: -9

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5/24/2023 10:45 pm | | Tags: automated, longreads, chess

Coach Beard's backstory from Ted Lasso monologue


Ted and I met playing college football. He was a backup punter I was a backup kicker. We never got in the game but we spent a lot of time together jogging and doing box jumps. After school we went our separate ways; and he was dating Michelle got into coaching and I got into prison. When I got paroled, I had no money. Family didn't want me. I had nowhere to go. So, I looked up Ted. He took me in, fed me, let me crash on his couch. And in return I stole his car.

I didn't get far. And I would have gone straight back to prison if Ted didn't come down there and convince those cops that he gave me the car.


It's like in Les Mis.


Our story is very similar to Les Mis, yes.


You went to prison?


Yes, for stealing a loaf of Meth. And then I stole from my friend, who forgave me. And gave me a job. And a life.

So, to honor that, I forgive you. I offer you a job. The life part's up to you.

5/24/2023 11:33 pm | | Tags: ted lasso, monologue
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