Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

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Guilt Tipping is everywhere and it's a problem

When I see some of the absurd places I'm asked to tip, I shake my head. I hate it about the US, and I hope it goes away sooner rather than later.

I found myself having to develop my own mental heuristic for how and when I will tip, it basically boils down to this:

  1. Am I at a food service business where I was personally served by someone? (If possible, inquire if digital tips are distributed fairly.) If yes, tip 20%. If no, continue
  2. Am I at a service business where I received good service? (If possible, inquire if digital tips are distributed fairly.) If yes, tip moderately. If no, do not tip.

When it comes to DoorDash or other delivery drivers, I opt for a smaller tip. Lower than the 15-20%+ usually unless there is something unusual about the order. Truth is I very rarely utilize these folks except for pizza still.

6/6/2023 8:53 am | | Tags: tipping, economics, the us is weird, capitalist greed

Seattle, the 24-hour city?

An article from Seattle Magazine which discusses the investments and efforts to make Seattle a 24-hour city:

First off, let's be honest. Seattle has never been a 24/7 city. That will change — if we want it to. A 24/7 city, and a healthy downtown, is more than just nightlife. There's an entire economy and a population of workers from hospital staff and caregivers, emergency services, those in the restaurant and hotel industry, warehouse and janitorial employees as well as entertainment professionals who need services during their off-hours.

Proponents of the 24-hour model (think cities such as London, Tokyo, New York, and Buenos Aires) cite the benefits of a place that never sleeps — boosting tourism, being more inclusive of all types of workers, having more entertainment, and an assumed extra layer of safety if a bus stop or a train station is filled with riders. Not only that, but it'd just be cooler if we had one. Few people's best nights of their life ended at 10 p.m.

In his recent State of the City address, Mayor Bruce Harrell stressed a "downtown activation plan" focused on filling vacant storefronts, converting unused office space to housing, and creating a linear arts-entertainment-culture district that connects downtown with multiple neighborhoods. He even mentioned the possibility of creating a "24/7 street."

That would be "a stretch of several blocks where you can find a restaurant, bar, grocery, or your favorite clothing boutique at any hour of the day," he said. "We have to realize that economic activity at our city's core is essential to our shared prosperity."

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. We rely on too much commuting for downtown to make it a 24-hour city yet.

6/6/2023 6:31 pm | | Tags: seattle, urban living

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Chess For the Day

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6/6/2023 10:45 pm | | Tags: automated, longreads, chess

Tolkien reads poem in Quenya

6/6/2023 11:12 pm | | Tags: jrr tolkien, elvish, conlang

Smartless on Max

Katie and I watched several episodes of Smartless on Max today, both before and after my D&D game. They are video episodes from live shows of the podcast they do with the same name. Starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. Fun stuff.

And it makes me think about getting a podcast app on the Roku so Katie and I can enjoy their other episodes of the podcast together in the evenings.

6/6/2023 11:30 pm | | Tags: podcast, television, roku

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