Saturday, August 5th, 2023

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WWJD - What Would Jimmy Do

YouTuber goes to every Margaritaville in America and Canada and enters an existential fugue questioning the meaning of life and - no, just kidding. He just makes jokes and complains about all the fried food. It's an hour long but surprisingly entertaining.

8/5/2023 9:32 am | | Tags: youtube, entertainment

" On the trail of the mysterious guerrilla archivist of the Internet" is an interesting site and one I do fall back on from time to time. Most use it for archiving, or for sharing paygated news articles, etc. I have shared those links here from time to time, but normally I don't as I do want to try and support the news sites making revenue.

This was an interesting journey down the rabbit hole trying to figure out who runs or owns this website. There aren't any massive revelations though there is a likely identity uncovered for the site's owner.

8/5/2023 10:36 am | | Tags: internet, archiving

A deep look at North American dialects

A man's hobby has led to this amazing resource that delves into the regions of English around North America, complete with audio samples which exemplify regional dialects.

8/5/2023 6:13 pm | | Tags: language, linguistics, english

A sense of scale for data amounts

Get a sense of scale for computer storage...

  • Byte of data: a grain of rice
  • Kilobyte: a cup of rice
  • Megabyte: 8 bags of rice
  • Gigabyte: 3 container lorries
  • Terabyte: 2 container ships
  • Petabyte: covers Manhattan
  • Exabyte: covers the UK (3 times)
  • Zettabyte: fills the Pacific Ocean
8/5/2023 6:30 pm | | Tags: data, computer, math

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