Friday, August 5th, 2022

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A deep look at the new inflation reduction act, why its divisive among climate experts, and why its historic

Related, here is a piece in The Atlantic by Robinson Meyer - "The Best Evidence Yet That the Climate Bill Will Work"

The three new estimates were conducted by Energy Innovation; Rhodium Group, an energy-research firm in New York; and the REPEAT Project, a university-associated team led by Jesse Jenkins, a Princeton engineering professor. The studies represent a new spin on an old approach. Normally, when Congress considers a major piece of legislation, outside economists pore over its details, feeding them into computer models to estimate how each provision might affect GDP, inflation, and the federal budget deficit. Instead, the three groups looked at the bill’s climate effects, sketching what the bill could mean for carbon emissions, clean-energy deployment, and energy costs.


The Manchin-Schumer bill wouldn’t get all the way to Biden’s 2030 goal, Jenkins told me. But it would get close enough that states, cities, companies, and the Environmental Protection Agency could get the country over the finish line.

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A beluga whale is in the Seine and rescuers are tracking it

Marine conservation group Sea Shepherd France said it was scrambling to assist the whale, sending drones and a boat to track it. It said the whale is likely to need food and help to guide it back toward its natural ocean habitat and that it was unlikely to survive for long in fresh water, with underwater noise — which can be confusing for whales — from the ships and boats that ply up and down the river.

“It’s condemned to die if it stays in the Seine,” Lamya Essemlali, the group’s president, told TF1.

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Happy Soccer day!

Top tier European soccer returns this weekend and it kicks off today with games in England and Germany. I'm excited to get back to watching more soccer. I love MLS, but one of the reasons I love soccer is that it is international and I have a bevy of choices.

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"'Nobody would choose this': A turnpike rest area and a van become home for one Maine family"

Heartbreaking. A look at people doing their best to get out of the hole but can't.

8/5/2022 7:00 am | | Tags: capitalism, america

My Efficiency Matrix

Facebook reminded me that I first shared my simple template for an Eisenhower matrix on it. Which is wild to think because it is still my primary way of being organized for work. Interestingly, I don't use it for my home organization.

This is my current implementation:

The original version took the whole sheet of paper and quartered it into the above sections. After a while I found I needed space for general notes so I shortened the boxes, mostly on the bottom two as they are the least used. Since I don't manage anyone these days, the lower left is now for remembering emails to send or things to communicate to others (when I managed people, it was about items to delegate or follow up on with others.) The bottom right is now just general "actonable" stuff, which, honestly is used pretty infrequently. The bottom half of the page is what I use for general non-actionable meeting notes or thoughts.

The bubbles are my latest "innovation." Before, I would generally draw boxes to be checked off, now I use the bubbles. Filling one bubble shows I started on a thing. Two bubbles means I "finished" a thing.

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Tim Eyman forced to sell house to pay campaign finance fines, debts

Maybe he'll stop being a giant dick and thorn in Washington's side for a while... But probably not.

Tim Eyman, the longtime anti-tax advocate and serial initiative promoter who was found liable last year for “numerous and particularly egregious” violations of campaign finance law, has been forced to sell his house to help pay off millions of dollars of fines and debt.

A federal bankruptcy judge Thursday approved a resolution requiring Eyman to sell his portion of a Mukilteo house to his ex-wife. The $900,000 in proceeds will go toward paying off the more than $5.6 million in sanctions and legal fees he owes the state of Washington and other creditors.

8/5/2022 12:07 pm | | Tags: washington state

"Alex Jones ordered to pay $45.2 million more in punitive damages to Sandy Hook parents"

Just wow. I was hoping for more but expecting less.

Infowars founder Alex Jones was ordered by an Austin jury on Friday to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages to the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting, in addition to the $4.1 million Jones has been ordered to pay in compensatory damages.

“Please take an amount that punishes him, and an amount that ensures he never does this again,” Bankston said, according to NBC News.

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Hacked 101

This was originally a post I wrote on Facebook for my friends and family. I had a person close to me get their Facebook account hacked and it caused others who are not technologically inclined to be scared it might happen to them. So, this was my effort to try and answer their questions about it and what they can do.


This is a LONG post. I’m going to try and break it up but it goes into roughly four sections:

Some of you will go “I don’t understand technology” and skip this post. Please don’t. If you have questions, please ask! I guarantee you aren’t the only person with that question. I will answer any and every question on this topic.

Read more

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"Why the Justice Department made a move in the police killing of Breonna Taylor"

About. Fucking. Time. The idea that police could make this sort of mistake and not suffer a criminal penalty is terrifying and saddening. I'm so glad this is happening.

8/5/2022 6:22 pm | | Tags: black lives matter, police reform

A man ran 120 excuses people use to not pay artists online through an AI to generate web comics and it's as amazing as you think

8/5/2022 6:23 pm | | Tags: comedy, artificial intelligence
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