Saturday, August 6th, 2022

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European Soccer is back!

Today is nearly a national holiday for me. As the Premier League and Bundesliga start a new season. I am able to watch soccer almost without stop today between European soccer and the US. Allow me to give you my overall game scheudle:

And during all of these, the odds of my multiscreening is high, I might throw a second game on the laptop or maybe set my phone up. The multiscreening will grow more intense over the coming weeks as the rest of the European leagues start their seasons.

8/6/2022 6:20 am | | Tags: soccer, mls, premier league, bundesliga

Patton Oswalt breaks down his Top and Bottom 5 Sci-Fi films

Humorously, the start of this video has a small music clip. And that clip triggers for me because it is also used by a Minecraft YouTuber who I watch. Ah the joys of licensable music.

8/6/2022 7:12 am | | Tags: scifi

The Beluga whale in the Seine is reportedly rejecting food

Marine conservation group Sea Shepherd France tweeted Saturday that “our teams took turns with the Beluga all night long. It always ignores the fish offered to him.”

8/6/2022 7:32 am | | Tags: france, whales

The "Texas Switch"

This tweet points out something I completely missed while watching the episode, and I am delighted.

8/6/2022 7:39 am | | Tags: television, better call saul

Black man harassed by white woman in Seattle

So disappointing. I first heard about the video when an acquaintance of mine online tweeted about as proof why they wouldn't move to Seattle.

Katie and I have long discussed the comparatively low number of black people in Seattle compared to growing up in the South. And I've written past posts highlighting some of the region's history which actively discouraged diversity.

We still have a long way to go.

8/6/2022 7:49 am | | Tags: racism, seattle

A look at the snacks the Senators stocked up on ahead of the extra long session

The chamber is scheduled to start a vote-a-rama sometime around midnight, and it’s expected to run through Sunday morning. The hours-long process is part of the budget reconciliation procedure, which Democrats are using to pass their sweeping climate, tax reform and health care bill.

The last around-the-clock vote-a-rama the Senate held in August of 2021 lasted more than 14 hours, forcing senators to remain in the Capitol and vote on more than 40 amendments.


“I went to Trader Joes and bought a few hundred dollars worth of snacks for all the floor staff, for fellow senators and other people working late tonight,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) told The Hill on Saturday.

The New Jersey Democrat said he secured “lots of things with chocolate” — dark chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

He also picked up nuts and vegetables, he admitted, “just make people happy and healthy.”

8/6/2022 11:05 pm | | Tags: senate

The Offpsring had a new album in 2021

I am not a superfan of The Offspring. I recall listening to them a lot back in highschool but afterwards it's only been when it plays randomly and gets in my head.

I have no idea why, or where it came from, but suddenly I was humming some of their songs. So, I went to look up the song I was humming to listen to, and I discovered that they were still doing stuff and, in fact, had just put an album out last year.

That's crazy. Listening to it now.

8/6/2022 11:11 pm | | Tags: music
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