Friday, August 18th, 2023

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"The ancient technology keeping space missions alive"

Designed to fly in formation to investigate the interaction between charged particles from the Sun – the solar wind ­– and the magnetic bubble surrounding the Earth, known as the magnetosphere, Cluster II ranks as one of the most successful and long-lasting science missions ever flown. The satellites (named Rumba, Salsa, Samba and Tango, since you ask) have just celebrated 23 years in orbit.

I just love the name of the four satellites. But the article is a great read overall, highly recommend.

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Owned until I wasn't

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"How the Dark Brandon Meme Evolved From an Online Joke to Joe Biden’s Unlikely Weapon"

A fun little read. I knew they had sold the merch, but interesting to see these numbers.

The Biden campaign started capitalizing on the popularity of the Dark Brandon meme when the president officially announced his reelection bid in April. At that time, the campaign included the Dark Brandon meme as an Easter egg on Biden's reelection website, debuting a 404-error page with a Dark Brandon image, as well as a $32 Dark Brandon t-shirt.

To date, Dark Brandon products have accounted for more than 54% of the online store's total revenue, according to the Biden campaign, and drive nearly 76% of all clicks to the website. The Dark Brandon t-shirt and the Dark Brandon mug are the number one and number two products in the entire store.

The success of Dark Brandon-themed products even motivated the Biden team to launch a "Malarkey Monday" campaign, where new Dark Brandon products are added to the story every Monday.

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