Thursday, August 31st, 2023

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No Lessons Here

I've been absolutely loving Mentopolis on Dropout. This latest episode was great, but I was particularly struck by the "Adventuring Party" episode for this episode, which is their after show where the cast chat about the episode and what happened.

But, given the nature of Mentopolis, the conversations can turn to mental workings and mental health. This latest episode really does that and delves into a discussion about dealing with bad things that happen to us.

Brennan Lee Mulligan brought out an amazing and wonderful point he uses when people are looking at a terrible event and how people take those events and change their life because of it, even though it's a random event and it doesn't merit any change. The phrase he uses is, "Or, no lessons here." And I just loved that framing and ability of evaluating these things.

The conversation continues on and delves into conspiracy theories and how people turn to them out of a need to make sense out of the randomness of the world.

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