Sunday, October 1st, 2023

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Elwood woke me up this morning, and after taking him outside, I was feeling a bit awake. So I sat down and wrote for a bit. I'm 27k words into my current project and I just finished Part 1 of it. According to my tracking, it's roughly taken me 14.5 hrs of writing thus far. Still very rough, but am excited that I finished this part.

With my Muse satisfied for the time being, it's time for me to crawl back into bed.

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Day of Remembering

Nine years ago today, I was at work when I got a call that I feared would come. My father had died after years of battling cancer. I sat in a meeting room and cried until a friend helped me get in motion, we called my wife to pick me up as I wasn't in any state to drive, and I took the next few days off to mourn and grieve and process.

The truth is I've never been a stranger to death. I lost my best friend when I was ten years old to a heart malformation, and now that I am nearly forty, death is becoming a more regular occurrence among people I know.

I've made today the Day of Remembering for me. Holiday is too strong a word; it's just a day for me to sit and remember those who I've lost during my life. Refresh their memories, keep them alive inside me. Nothing ornate and complicated, I just think back over my life and reconnect with those that are gone.

Each year that list of people grows a bit longer, but that only makes it more important that I do this for myself, and for them.

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The Irish Logarithm

A fascinating solution found for multiplication of single digit positive numbers, devised for a mechanical calculator.

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Tonight's writing was just under 1,000 words. But it involved a bit more work as I finished developing a behind-the-scenes timeline which required a bit of work to sort out and develop.

I feel good about it. I wish it had resulted in more words, but not everyday can be a flowing river of words.

The key to writing the book is keeping momentum, even a miniscule forward movement (not that today's was) is momentum and it keeps the progress moving. I can see the story unfolding in front of me. We'll see how it goes from here.

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