Monday, January 29th, 2024

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Dryer Repair is shockingly easy

The dryer began making a weird noise last week. Katie and I did some research and determined we think we could save some money on a repairman and try to fix it ourselves. Shout out to the guy in the embedded video, showing how straightforward it is.

We ordered a repair kit on Amazon and tonight I began disassembling the dryer.

However, before I even get the drum out, I noticed there was something weird sticking out of the side of the blower. I give it a tug and sure enough, out comes a dryer sheet.

I decide, you know what? I'm going to gamble. I bet that was the noise and I don't need to replace all the rollers etc.

We get the vacuum and I clean everything I can get to, remove extra lent from the blower channel, etc. And then I reassemble the dryer and sure enough, it works like a charm.

$0 spent. (I mean, aside from the repair kit we bought. But we can return it. Or hold onto it for when we really do need to replace parts for the dryer.)

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