Friday, March 29th, 2024

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I would like to congratulate everyone on arriving at another Friday. Hopefully today goes smooth for folks and this weekend is filled with wins!

Series 17 of Taskmaster has begun!

3/29/2024 3:10 pm | | Tags: television, taskmaster, youtube

The Abyss (1989) - 3/5 Stars

The AbyssThe Abyss1989PG-13

I definitely had confused this and Sphere in my head over the years. But it was a fine movie, though the ending definitely left me unsatisfied.

3/29/2024 8:30 pm | | Tags: review, movie, science fiction

Appaloosa (2008) - 2/5 Cowboys

We were looking through Ed Harris' movie credits and ended up watching this movie after The Abyss. It... was something. I guess. Definitely not one I'd recommend.

3/29/2024 8:32 pm | | Tags: movie, review, western

Argylle (2024) - 3/5 Stars


Definitely closer to The Gentlemen absurdity than actual Jason Bourne. As long as you go into it with properly calibrated expectations, you should enjoy it.

3/29/2024 8:34 pm | | Tags: movie, review, action

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